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Huobi's Super Rebate: Cashback!

Start Using Huobi's Super Rebate program to earn Cashback! has introduced a referall program called "Huobi Super Rebates". Huobi Super Rebates lets you invite your friends to trade on, and with each of your friends trades you can earn 30% cashback in either USDT or Point Cards. When users Trade with Huobi Point Cards you will receive the 30% reward in Point Cards, if Point Cards are not used, you will receive a 30% cut from the trading fee in USDT.

Cashback payouts are automatically reflected to your account in real time as your friends trade and they are credited for you to use on the following day of such said trades. The Cashback promotion lasts for 90 days after your friends sign up. If one friend signs up today, you will get 90 days cashback from their trades starting today. If another friend signs up a week from today, you will get 90 days cashback from that time.

Why use Huobi?

1. Huobi offers an incredible amount of trading pairs, you can trade over 200 different trading pairs on Huobi!
2. Huobi offers trading pairs in BTC, ETH, and USDT.
3. Huobi has the 4th highest bitcoin trade volume out of all exchanges, this makes executing trades fast and easy.
4. Huobi is an exchange that can be trusted and does not give up. After the exchange ban in China, Huobi kept on going and has supported traders from inside and outside of China. This is an exchange that you can depend on.
5. Huobi is a safe and secure exchange, in all of Huobi's history they have never been hacked As one of the largest exchanges that served China in the previous years, this says a lot for Huobi. The same can not be said for other exchanges that used to operate within China.

You can learn more about Huobi Super Rebates here:

After signing up on you can use the above link to find your referal code.

To learn more about trading on Huobi you can join their telegram group here:

I Invite you to sign up and start trading on Huobi Pro :)
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